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LEYTONSTONE EX-SERVICEMENS CLUB. An old haunt of the rock'n'roll kitchen. Its a nice function room, it has its own bar, and does real ale. And its cheap bar prices! Shows are normally EVERY Wednesday and the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month (and additionally the 5th Saturday if there is one). Doors open 8.30pm and we're normally done'n'dusted by 11.00pm-ish. As usual it'll be a free entry night with a collection to pay the musicians. PLEASE BE GENEROUS! Its the way we make the night work. Accompanied children aged 11+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Upstairs @ Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club
Harvey Road
Leytonstone, London E11 3DB

Leytonstone Underground (2 min)
Leytonstone High Road BR Station (10 min)

What's Cookin' SUNDAY SESSIONS @ THE UNION CHAPEL. The Sunday dates will vary so check the On The Menu page for what's happening. Doors open 2.30pm and we're normally finished by 6.00pm. These will be ticketed/pay on the door shows and prices will vary. Accompanied children aged 14+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Compton Terrace,
Upper Street,
Islington, London N1 2UN

Highbury & Islington Underground/Overground (2 min)
Essex Road Station (10 min)

Info on the lovely chapel here:

In Brief

Wed 20th Apr; Paul McClure And The Local Heroes
Wed 27th Apr; Paul-Ronney Angel & Friends / Gary O'Dea
Sat 30th Apr; The Bikini Beach Band
Sun 1st May; Ewan Macintyre / Hope In High Water @ The Union Chapel
Wed 4th May; Norton Money / The Diamond Family Archive
Sat 7th May; Strange Blue Dreams
Wed 11th May; Don Gallardo & How Far West (USA) / The Rosellys
Wed 18th May; Lost Hollow (USA)
Sat 21st May; Oh! Gunquit
Wed 25th May; Leeroy Stagger(Canada)
Sat 28th May; James Leg (USA) / John E Vistic Rock'n'Roll Soundsystem

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Paul McClure And
The Local Heroes

Wednesday 20th April

Paul McClure And The Local Heroes

Paul McClure is a singer and songwriter from Rutland. The passing world is the fodder for Paulís characters and story lines in particular the loves, laughs and losses that have come his way. New album 'Songs For Anyone' is out now on Clubhouse Records. Paul did a solo show for us a while back, this time he's bring along his band for a proper set.

Paul-Ronney Angel
& Friends

Gary O'Dea

Wednesday 27th April

Paul-Ronney Angel & Friends / Gary O'Dea

Frontman and songwriter for the London 11 piece Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop'n'Stroll outfit The Urban Voodoo Machine as well as host of the legendary Gypsy Hotel Club, makes another solo appearance at What's Cookin', and he'll be bringing along a few of his Urban Voodoo mates.

GOJO' music is the term singer-songwriter Gary O'Dea uses to describe his musical output. Gary's influences stretch far and wide across many genres of music; blues/ country/ funk/ soul/ reggae and a healthy dollop of rock n roll. He's never been afraid to blend them all up and serve a musical dish that,although the ingredients may be recognisable, the way he blends them together leaves the taste buds crying out for more.

The Bikini Beach Band

Saturday 30th April

The Bikini Beach Band

The UK's Kings of Surf-Noir instrumentals The Bikini Beach Band are purely & simply the best band you can get for a party! Flamboyant surf guitar instrumentalists twanging their way through original retro classics and contemporary hits - imagine Kylie, Radiohead or Nirvana in a Pulp Fiction style. Their wild costumes, crazy dances and deadpan humour never fail to get the audience smiling, singing and dancing with glee. The True Story of The Bikini Beach Band began begins with one man,Jesus C. Escovedo, guitarist, revolutionary, ladies' man and 1956 All-Mexico Surfing Champion. Forced by his political beliefs to flee from his homeland, he escaped by stowing away on a cruise liner with only a guitar, a Hawaiian shirt and an autographed photo of Duane Eddy.

Ewan Macintyre

Hope In High Water

Sunday 1st May

What's Cookin' Sunday Sessions @ The Union Chapel

Ewan Macintyre / Hope In High Water

Doors 3.30pm Tickets; £8.00 Advance / £10.00 Door Advance tickets click here

"Standout Scottish Voice" Ewan Macintyre previewing his new album "You Probably Look Better Naked Anyway", which has already reached number 3 in the National Folk/ Roots charts of Canada. Ex lead singer of the Southern Tenent Folk Union, Ewan has spent the last 2 1/2 years hitch hiking around Canada, playing music, performing puppet shows, songwriting and sharing stories. Expect an intimate gig of original tunes and some old favourites. Folk roots, soul, swing and blues, featuring a four piece of Fiddle, Dobro, Mandolin, Guitar.

Hope In High Water are Josh Chandler Morris and Carly Slade, a duo whose distinctly British take on acoustic Americana has captivated audiences across the UK. The pair incorporate folk, blues and country into their compositions, delivering what Rock'n'Reel Magazine describe as 'exuberant songs performed with passion and intensity'. Inspired by the dark modal sounds of American traditional music, the pair create something steeped in tradition, whilst also retaining a relevance to their urban surroundings.

Norton Money

The Diamond Family Archive

Wednesday 4th May

Norton Money / The Diamond Family Archive

Norton Money are a harmony driven alternative-americana band with soul. The band was formed by musicians Dan Beaulaurier & Jeremy Mendonca in 2006. In the years that followed they performed extensively in the UK, USA and Europe. Now, after a substantial hiatus they have decided to perform again with with the help of drummer Jamie Shaw. Their self-titled debut was released in March 2007 and the follow-up, 'Double EP', recorded at the renowned Union Chapel and at Dan's flat, was released July 2009. The band is currently performing and working on new material. The release of their 3rd album is imminent. Whether the music is swingin', two steppin', or a will leave you altered and "smash your barn doors wide-open and paint 'em red on the way out, Boom!"

Described as Psych-folk, Freak-folk, Alt-folk Laurence Collyer is a reclusive British artist who writes, records and performs music and folk-song using the moniker The Diamond Family Archive. The Diamond Family Archive are currently releasing records, tapes and CDs through a handful of labels including Dinosaur Club (USA), Tired Trails (USA), A Beard of Snails (Denmark), and Bleeding Hearts Recordings (UK). Really looking forward to Laurence's kitchen debut! This is warm-up date for the band on the eve of a 2 month European tour.

The Strange Blue Dreams

Saturday 7th May

The Strange Blue Dreams

Dramatic pop, gypsy swing, skiffle, doo-wop and ballads from the music hall to the jet-age. Described as a Glaswegian version of the legendary Nashville A-team of the late 1950's, the band comprises five of Scotland's most in demand roots musicians. By the end of 2015 they had made their debut at the Glastonbury Festival, performed sold out shows at The Edinburgh Festival and featured in a BBC TV documentary. What unites the group is a love of the mavericks of popular songwriting from Morricone to Meek, Ellington to Orbison. Deft lyrics are framed by atmospheric arrangements, impassioned performances and the band's trademark soaring harmony vocals".

"A menacing slice of surf noir from the rising stars of the European Roots music scene", MEDICINE SHOW MUSIC.

Don Gallardo &
How Far West

The Rosellys

Wed 11th May

Don Gallardo & How Far West (USA) / The Rosellys

Nashville singer-songwriter playing Americana country folk music strumming his way across the US and the UK. Don Gallardo was raised in a small town in Northern California, where he spent years building his songwriting career on the west coast before relocating to Nashville in 2007. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, he walks the line between folk, Americana and roots-rock, mining the influence of classic 1970s singer-songwriters while creating a sound that nods to the past while still pushing ahead toward something new. New album 'Hickory' received a four-star review from MOJO Magazine. Extra show after a sold-out Green Note gig.

"Nashville Singer-songwriter DON GALLARDO continues Country's regeneration and nods to country's most distant past while sounding like its very near future", MOJO.

The Rosellys are a five piece Americana band from Bristol. Regular tours to America clearly influence their song writing and live performances with close comparisons made to artists such as Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Gillan Welch and Dave Rawlings to name a few.

"A brilliant band and a good example of that crossover where Britain meets America and it makes a very special sound indeed", RALPH MCLEAN BBC RADIO.

Lost Hollow

Wednesday 18th May

Lost Hollow (USA)

Described as "one of the best kept secrets in folk music", Lost Hollow are country folk band from Nashville. Comprising Tommy and Lorrie Harden. Tommy is an in demand session drummer which includes playing in Reba McEntire's touring band. But for Lost Hollow he gets to put down the drumsticks and step behind the microphone. It's said Lorrie "is the best singer in Nashville, she's like a best kept secret!"

Oh! Gunquit

Saturday 21st May

Oh! Gunquit

Oh! Gunquit are a 5-piece band concocting spunky rumble bop trash rock'n'roll. Tribal tom toms beat wildly and guitars twang, high-spirited vocals bawl and purr, and a seedy tenor sax wails for an extra slice of exotica. These neo-surf garage rockers bring back the sexiness of the B-52's and The Cramps, with some Link Wray & ESG thrown in for good measure.

"That Link Wray riff, those blitzkrieg beats, that Roxy sax, her Karen O feet instantly began lashing out of their own accord", ARTROCKER.

Leeroy Stagger

Wednesday 25th May

Leeroy Stagger(Canada)

Born in Victoria, British Columbia and raised on a little island on the very west coast of Canada, singer/songwriter Leeroy spent most of his youth with his grandparents who exposed him to the world of country music. Developing his musical drive early on, he formed his first punk rock band at age 18. Songwriting came shortly after with themes revolving around his childhood, traveling, relationships, substance abuse and the tribulations of life. His new album, his 10th, is called 'Dream It All Away' and has it's UK release on 15th May. Some you might remember Leeroy from a few years back when he used to be a regular visitor in our Sheep Walk days.

"There has always been a swagger about Stagger, a slightly cocky self-confidence that's actually quite endearing. His sound and vocals have a somewhat loose and ragged feel that brings Paul Westerberg to mind, and there's an open and honest feel to his unaffected voice", EXCLAIM!.

James Leg

John E Vistic
Rock'n'Roll Soundsystem

Saturday 28th May

James Leg (USA) / John E Vistic Rock'n'Roll Soundsystem

Texas psychedelic punk ass rock and soul! If James Leg sounds uncannily like the guy who sings for the Black Diamond Heavies it's because he's John Wesley Myers of that same band. His new band dips into common musical paint pots-bluesy keyboards, greasy soul and raucous garage-mixes in a bit more pop and splatters the lot over a wide canvas. Myers's guttural vocals and trademark Fender Rhodes are at the heart of this music. New album 'Solitary Pleasure' is out now on Alive Records.

Country death rock psychedelia trash blues punk from the John E Vistic Rock'n'Roll SoundSystem. John E Vistic is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, also known for his work with alt-rock band Crippled Black Phoenix. His forthcoming solo album 'Welcome Down the Night' is a beautifully crafted album of songs about love, death and the landscape of the heart. The record features collaborations with a range of artists including members of Primal Scream and Morcheeba.

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Wed 1st June; NO SHOW!
Sat 4th June; NO SHOW!
Wed 8th June; Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band / Jo carley & The Old Dry Skulls
Wed 15th June; Possessed By Paul James (USA)
Sat 18th June; The Fast Camels / Rauschenberg
Wed 22nd June; Marty OíReilly (USA) / Andrew Duhon (USA) / Thomas & Theresa (USA)
Friday 24th June; Los Chicos (Spain)
Wed 29th June; The Roaminí Jasmine (USA) / Jesse Terry (USA)

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