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LEYTONSTONE EX-SERVICEMENS CLUB. An old haunt of the rock'n'roll kitchen. Its a nice function room, it has its own bar, and does real ale. And its cheap bar prices! Shows are normally EVERY Wednesday and the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month (and additionally the 5th Saturday if there is one). Doors open 8.30pm and we're normally done'n'dusted by 11.00pm-ish. As usual it'll be a free entry night with a collection to pay the musicians. PLEASE BE GENEROUS! Its the way we make the night work. Accompanied children aged 11+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Upstairs @ Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club
Harvey Road
Leytonstone, London E11 3DB

Leytonstone Underground (2 min)
Leytonstone High Road BR Station (10 min)

What's Cookin' SUNDAY SESSIONS @ THE UNION CHAPEL. The Sunday dates will vary so check the On The Menu page for what's happening. Doors open 2.30pm and we're normally finished by 6.00pm. These will be ticketed/pay on the door shows and prices will vary. Accompanied children aged 14+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Compton Terrace,
Upper Street,
Islington, London N1 2UN

Highbury & Islington Underground/Overground (2 min)
Essex Road Station (10 min)

Info on the lovely chapel here: www.unionchapel.org.uk

In Brief

Wed 22nd Oct; The Alan Tyler Show
Wed 29th Oct; NO SHOW
Sat 1st Nov; The Dreaming Spires / thelightshines
SUN 2nd Nov; Otis Gibbs @ The Union Chapel
Wed 5th Nov; Rick Shea / The Good Intentions
Wed 12th Nov; The Ramshackle Union Band
Sat 15th Nov; Cowbell
Wed 19th Nov; TBC
SUN 23rd NOV; The Epstein @ The Union Chapel
Wed 26th Nov; Luke Tuchscherer & The Penny Dreadfuls /
Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill (Canada)
Sat 29th Nov; Miraculous Mule

The Detail

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whats kickin vol3

whats kickin vol2

whats kickin vol1

Alan Tyler

Wednesday 22nd October

The Alan Tyler Show

Rockingbirds frontman Alan Tyler, along with Fiddlin' Jim Morrison (Lost Sons of Littlefield) and Patrick Ralla (The Rockingbirds), present an evening of country music and song The Alan Tyler Show. The show mines Alan's extensive repertoire of original songs recorded variously by The Rockingbirds, The Lost Sons of Littlefield, and his other solo records. With Jim Morrison on fiddle and mandolin and Patrick Ralla providing vocal harmonies, additional guitar and banjo, the trio deliver neat renditions of songs by many of Alan's favourite country artists, including Waylon Jennings,Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt. The show also includes many of Alan's unreleased "River Songs" which explore London's country heritage; the hidden waterways and the "fields beneath" which enrich and breathe life into England's capital city. A varied evening of English country music The Alan Tyler Show!

"Tyler is one of the best songwriters of his genre and era", TIM PERRY - THE INDEPENDENT.

Wednesday 29th October


The Dreaming Spires

Saturday 1st November

The Dreaming Spires / thelightshines

The Dreaming Spires released their debut album 'Brothers in Brooklyn' on Clubhouse Records. The band has an enviable musical pedigree. Group members,and brothers,Robin and Joe Bennett formerly played with not one but two influential bands - Goldrush and Danny & the Champions of the World, and co-founded not one but two award-winning festivals, Truck & Wood. They also staged Truck America in Upstate New York where they jammed with Mercury Rev, Tim Easton and The Jayhawks (all of whom are now fans of the Spires), and provided backing for The Band's Garth Hudson!

"The Bennett's current collaboration pays homage to American rock idols like Big Star, with Byrdsy harmonies and charming accents", TIME OUT NEW YORK. "It's clever, fresh-faced, melodic and it believes", ****, THE INDEPENDENT. "Power-pop hooks and sweet harmonies", 8/10, UNCUT.

thelightshines are ten hands bringing you psychedelia, shimmering jangles, sunshine harmonies, sitar grooves, blues beats and heavy drones.

Otis Gibbs

SUNDAY 2nd November

Sunday Sessions @ The Union Chapel

OTIS GIBBS (USA) plus support Doors 2.30pm

£12.00 Advance / £14.00 Door Tickets from store.unionchapel.org.uk

Otis Gibbs is an American folk singer-songwriter. Raised in Wanamaker, Indiana. A gifted songwriter as well as storyteller and related this story of his first gig to USA Today..."When I was a kid growing up in Wanamaker, my parents worked a couple different jobs apiece to make ends meet, and it would fall upon some of the strangest individuals to babysit me during the day. One of those people was my uncle. He probably wasn't the best choice because he'd just gotten out of prison, and it turned out he wasn't even my uncle after all; he was just shacking up with my aunt at the time. But he would watch me and he got really bored, so he got this idea: He would take me down to this little honky-tonk saloon. He would sit me on top of the piano, and I would sing Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams songs while he accompanied me. The drunks in the bar would give me tip money to play whatever their request might be, and then my uncle would take that money and get drunk on it. That's when I first learned how the music industry actually works."

Billy Bragg included his song 'The Peoples Day' in a list of 'Top Five Songs with Something to Say', published in the Wall Street Journal. Andy Gill of the The Independent wrote that "there is a authenticity and dedication in Gibbs' delivery which is somehow cleansing in its purity." His latest album 'Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth' is out now.

Rick o'Shea

Wednesday 5th November

Rick Shea (USA) / The Good Intentions

Rick Shea cut his teeth in the bars and honky-tonks of San Bernardino where he grew up. He's since gone on to build a solid career for himself as a solo artist, singer, guitarist and songwriter. Shea is equally at home with an acoustic guitar and a set of ballads and stories, or with his worn old Telecaster burning through a set of his own songs and a few honky-tonk standards. With nine critically acclaimed albums he's performed all over the USA and Europe.

A singer/songwriter/guitarist and treasured sideman, Rick Shea is a highly regarded artist and musician who, when not busy with his own music, has played with everyone from Syd Straw and Dave Alvin TO Los Lobos and REM.

"A hauntingly nostalgic vocalist, imperative guitarist and literate, detail-rich songwriter", SING OUT, Gary von Tersch, Sing Out "A must, not only for anyone seeking a sublime set of songs, but for those whose notion of Americana has to ring of the real thing", NO DEPRESSION.

The Good Intentions conjure up the ghosts of Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers, as well as the familiar country tropes of trains, redemption and the perils of alcohol, all delivered with lucious three-part harmonies.

"Sweetheart-era Byrds, Gram and Emmylou are their touchstones...at their best when the harmonies of leader and songwriter Peter Davies, and Gabrielle Monk soar over luscious steel and guitars, when their irresistibly sweet harmonies melt the heart", R2 MAGAZINE.

Ramshackle Union Band

Wednesday 12th November

The Ramshackle Union Band

Ramshackle Union Band peddle foot-stomping bluegrass tinged folk described as "woozy bluegrass for weary hearts and bleeding minds". Based around rich four-part harmonies, with raucous, tumbling rhythms and an equal penchant for loverlorn heartbreak and giddy good times. With sumptuous vocals, bracing guitar, banjo, bass and drums, they're becoming well known for their rousing live performances, and are now well on the way to cementing themselves as one of the UKs leading purveyors of old time folk & blues.


Saturday 15th November


Cowbell are our very very favourite garage soul rock ëní roll duo. Their songs combine a lyrical charm and ease with a sound that's full-bodied and powerful in spite of their stripped-down set-up. They take their influences from both sides of the Atlantic with a love for both the output of U.S labels such as Stax, Motown and Sun and for British sixties R'n'B bands such as The Small Faces, The Kinks and The Zombies. With recent sessions on BBC Radio 6, XFM, and Radio 4 Loose Ends, their new album 'Skeleton Soul' is out now on Damaged Goods Records.

"Highway-hitting, LSD invoking", ARTROCKER. "Shoves you directly into the midst of a dirty garage rock gig at The Marquee in 1968", THE 405. "One of the best live bands I've seen in a long time", CHRIS HAWKINS, BBC 6 MUSIC.


Wednesday 19th November



SUNDAY 23rd November

Sunday Sessions @ The Union Chapel


£8.00 Advance / £10.00 Door Tickets from store.unionchapel.org.uk

The Epstein started life back in 2006 when singer/songwriter Olly Wills started playing open mic nights with guitarist Jon Berry under the name The Epstein in the back rooms of pubs in Oxford and London. The band gradually developed into a fully fledged country rock band and recorded their debut album 'The Last of The Charanguistas' in 2008 which went on to win the accolade of Editors Choice in Rolling Stone magazine and led the band to a prime slot on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury Festival. Since then the line up of the band has evolved to include producer and keyboard player Sebastian Reynolds and they have grown from being a traditional, roots Americana band to incorporate ambient electronica, Morricone style orchestral backings and sweeping, windswept, widescreen blues. The Epstein strike a perfect balance between pop songwriting and rich, innovative arrangements.

Their must recent album 'Mumurations' was released last year. Recorded over 14 months in London, Oxford and Bremen Germany, 'Murmurations' is a departure from the raw, live sound of their previous releases and captures the band at their most majestic. As frontman Olly Wills says "We wanted this to be grand, to be sweeping, to be epic and to be cinematic inscope." Job done then!

"The realisation of years of promise. It constitutes a fantastic body of work, with light and dark woven together with intricate skill", BBC INTRODUCING.

Luke Tuchscherer

Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill

Wednesday 26th November

Luke Tuchscherer & The Penny Dreadfuls / Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill (Canada)

Singer/songwriter Luke Tuchscherer, of alt-country band The Whybirds, has launched a solo project off the back of a new album 'You Get So Alone At Times That it Just Makes Sense'. Reflecting the more acoustic side of Tuchscherer's songwriting featuring, confessional songs, storytelling and social commentary, the record has attracted universal critical acclaim. Luke will be performing with his band The Penny Dreadfuls.

"Tuchscherer's ability to create such an engaging collection of sad songs and waltzes should ensure that You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense will be a contender for an appearance on any year-end list", AMERICANA UK. "An impressive collection of 12 well-crafted songs, it's an excellent debut that reminds us of Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker in its thematic and emotional impact, a great compliment indeed", R2 MAGAZINE. "Luke is a terrific lyricist who gains a deep sympathy for his songs' leading characters, although it is not just the power of the lyrics. His warm evocative vocal style has a natural dramatic quality and the arrangements couldn't really be improved upon. An outstanding album that contains absolutely no filler", AMERICAN ROOTS UK.

Vancouver's Reid Jamieson shines his light with an incredible voice, therapeutic lyrics, and a magical way with melodies. Reid has been compared to male KD Lang and Roy Orbison's long lost son. He will be performing with songwriting partner, and real life partner, Carolyn Victoria Mill.

"Toronto boy kicks Josh Rouse's ass crooning indie-soul-country classics all of his own making...your life will be better with this music in it", AMERICANA UK.

miraculous mule

Saturday 29th November

Miraculous Mule

Nothing comes from nowhere. The mule, the miracle plough-puller, the humble and mighty tiller of the earth, is blessed and cursed with a dubious origin. Likewise, though their nativity was in London in the latter half of the last century, these Anglo-Irish honkeys know that their souls were forged further back and farther west. Fallen into hell's ditch, baptised in brimstone, reborn in the devotion of African-American Gospel, the pain of penitentiary work songs, the jittery stomp of hillbilly rock. Sonically their songs range from rock'n'roll-infused spirituals, stripped down acapella gospels to lengthy Hendrix-esque psychedelic wig outs and dangerous blues..New mini-album 'Blues Uzi' is out now on Bronzerat Records.

Coming up...

Coming up...
Wed 3rd Dec; The Corn Potato String Band / Jim McShee
SUN 7th Dec; Peter O'Brien's 75th Spectacular with...
Danny George Wilson with Chris Clarke & Paul Lush / Wes McGhee / Starry Eyed & Laughing / The Turning
Wed 10th Dec; The Curst Sons
Wed 17th Dec; TBC
Sat 20th Dec; TBC

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