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LEYTONSTONE EX-SERVICEMENS CLUB. An old haunt of the rock'n'roll kitchen. Its a nice function room, it has its own bar, and does real ale. And its cheap bar prices! Shows are normally EVERY Wednesday and the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month (and additionally the 5th Saturday if there is one). Doors open 8.30pm and we're normally done'n'dusted by 11.00pm-ish. As usual it'll be a free entry night with a collection to pay the musicians. PLEASE BE GENEROUS! Its the way we make the night work. Accompanied children aged 11+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Upstairs @ Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club
Harvey Road
Leytonstone, London E11 3DB

Leytonstone Underground (2 min)
Leytonstone High Road BR Station (10 min)

What's Cookin' SUNDAY SESSIONS @ THE UNION CHAPEL. The Sunday dates will vary so check the On The Menu page for what's happening. Doors open 2.30pm and we're normally finished by 6.00pm. These will be ticketed/pay on the door shows and prices will vary. Accompanied children aged 14+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Compton Terrace,
Upper Street,
Islington, London N1 2UN

Highbury & Islington Underground/Overground (2 min)
Essex Road Station (10 min)

Info on the lovely chapel here:

In Brief

Sat 4th Feb; Steven James Adams & The French Drops
Sun 5th Feb; Sunday Sessions & The Union Chapel N1
/ Dana Immanuel And The Stolen Band & Guests
Wed 8th Feb; The Steve & Ben Somers Country Band / Fierce Flowers
Wed 15th Feb; NO SHOW!
Sat 18th Feb; Big Girls / James Brute / Ty Stone
Wed 22th Feb; Marty O'Reilly / Whom By Fire / Dylan Earl

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whats kickin vol5,

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whats kickin vol4,

whats kickin vol3

whats kickin vol2

whats kickin vol1

Steven James Adams
& The French Drops

Saturday 4th February

Steven James Adams & The French Drops

In the wake of critically acclaimed solo album, 2016's intimate 'Old Magick', and several years of one man shows, Adams has a new band. The former Broken Family Band singer/guitarist is joined by Daniel Fordham and David Stewart, rhythm section with psych-folk oddballs The Drink, guitarist Michael Wood (Singing Adams/ The Leaf Library/ Hayman Kupa Band) and guests.

Dana Immanuel
And The Stolen Band

Sunday 5th February

What's Cookin' Sunday Sessions & The Union Chapel N1

Dana Immanuel And The Stolen Band & Guests

Doors 3.30pm £8 adv / £10.00 door, TICKETS HERE

Dana Immanuel is a banjo-toting, whiskey-drinking, poker-playing singer-songwriter currently operating from a north London hideout from which emerges a sound more usually associated with the bayou, triple filtered through bourbon, washboard, and a touch of alt-country eccentricity. With the five-piece, all-girl Stolen Band, Dana has been getting feet stomping aacross the UK folk, blues, Americana and rock scenes. Dana's music reflects her eclectic influences, from Alice Cooper to Hank Williams, routed via the bluegrass turnpike around the township of alt-country, and and her live shows with the Stolen Band are not to be missed.

The Steve &
Ben Somers Country Band

Fierce Flowers

Wednesday 8th February

The Steve & Ben Somers Country Band / Fierce Flowers (France)

Country, Western Swing and harmony yodel band led by father and son, Steve & Ben Somers. Featuring some of London's hottest pickers.

Fierce Flowers are an original harmony bluegrass / old-time trio from Paris.

Wednesday 15th February , NO SHOW!

Big Girls

James Brute

Saturday 18th February

Big Girls / James Brute / Ty Stone (USA)

Big Girls play confused little popular songs with guitars and drums and bass and all by confused amateur popular stars in their pyjamas from the basement of a Hackney Japanese restaurant. Featuring fumbling hits on hot topics such as the metric system, dreams of cats, rock formations in the west of Ireland, the future in long hair and the rise and fall of the milk float. One of the kitchen's favourite bands!

The former front man of The Brute Chorus, James Brute writes spooked out songs of love, loss and lust and delivers them in a heady mix of acid blues, doom-wop and rock'n'roll.

Solo country rock'n'soul from Detroit with Ty Stone.

Marty O'Reilly

Whom By Fire

Dylan Earl

Wednesday 22th February

Marty O'Reilly (USA) / Whom By Fire / Dylan Earl (Canada)

Marty O'Reilly's, who hails from Santa Cruz California, music feels familiar, but at the same time it feels new. It's blues but not blues, folk but not folk, soulful but not soul. His voice is beautiful and distinctive, his lyrics stark yet lush. This is a solo appearance from Marty, sans his Old Soul Orchestra.

Whom By Fire are a poignant & sometimes comically abrasive duo. Taking inspiration from musical heroes such as Nick Cave, Nirvana, Willie Nelson, and other artists not beginning with the Letter N.

Dylan Earl is a country singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. He plays songs.

Coming up...

Wed 1st Mar; The Most Ugly Child / Luke Whittemore
Sat 4th Mar; The Bad Breed / Das Fenster And The Alibis
Sun 5th Mar; TBC @ The Union Chapel N1
Wed 8th Mar; Ella Flame & The Nighthawks
Wed 15th Mar; The Porchlight Smokers
Sat 18th Mar; thelightshines / Dark Globes
Wed 22nd Mar; Vera van Heeringen
Wed 29th Mar; Kingsize Slim

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