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LEYTONSTONE EX-SERVICEMENS CLUB. An old haunt of the rock'n'roll kitchen. Its a nice function room, it has its own bar, and does real ale. And its cheap bar prices! Shows are normally EVERY Wednesday and the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month (and additionally the 5th Saturday if there is one). Doors open 8.30pm and we're normally done'n'dusted by 11.00pm-ish. As usual it'll be a free entry night with a collection to pay the musicians. PLEASE BE GENEROUS! Its the way we make the night work. Accompanied children aged 11+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Upstairs @ Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club
Harvey Road
Leytonstone, London E11 3DB

Leytonstone Underground (2 min)
Leytonstone High Road BR Station (10 min)

What's Cookin' SUNDAY SESSIONS @ THE UNION CHAPEL. The Sunday dates will vary so check the On The Menu page for what's happening. Doors open 2.30pm and we're normally finished by 6.00pm. These will be ticketed/pay on the door shows and prices will vary. Accompanied children aged 14+ allowed.

What's Cookin'...
Compton Terrace,
Upper Street,
Islington, London N1 2UN

Highbury & Islington Underground/Overground (2 min)
Essex Road Station (10 min)

Info on the lovely chapel here:

In Brief

Sat 21st Oct; Oh! Gunquit / The Nurses
Wed 25th Oct; NO SHOW
Wed 1st Nov; The Dead Brothers / Paul-Ronney Angel / DJ Scratchy Sounds
Sat 4th Nov; Thin Wire Fence / Clockwork Carousel
Sun 5th Nov; What's Cookin' Sunday Sessions @ The Union Chapel 3.30pm
Wed 8th Nov; Fargo Railroad Co. / Levi Cuss
Wed 15th Nov; Errol Linton Band
Sat 18th Nov; The Fast Camels/ Professor Baba
Wed 22nd Nov; The Lords Of Thyme / John Stammers
Wed 29th Nov; Black Penny Remedy / Margo Cilker

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Oh! Gunquit

The Nurses

Saturday 21st October

Oh! Gunquit / The Nurses

'Oh! Gunquit are a London based 5-piece rumble-bop, freakabilly band who concoct a brew of raw R&R, wild garage rock, and twisted surf-punk. They're named in part after a town in Maine USA which was an artists colony in the 1800's originally coined by the Abenaki Indians and in part to the idea of all guns quitting. Currently consisting of the hottest line-up to date this cosmopolitan creature contains members from Italy, USA, Colombia, Spain & UK. They offer a soundtrack to B-movies, road trips, and adventuring...their unique live gigs are a blur of howling vocals, horns, buzzsaw guitars, rumbling toms, and exotic rock'n'roll fun.

'Lightning Likes Me' out on Dirty Water Records is the band's 2nd album combining elements of psychedelic surf punk, sci-fi rockabilly, and future rock'n'roll. With tracks produced by Detroit legend Jim Diamond (the Sonics, Dirtbombs, Detroit Cobras, White Stripes etc) and at London's Space Eko studio (Jim Jones, Son of Dave etc) it's a somewhat denser and more experimental feel than their debut and still packed with killer songs with the same exotic wild vicious rock'n'roll music with which they've become known for.

"Oh! Gunquit are a refreshingly non-stop party of sound; a melting pot of rock n roll voodoo madness and pure unadulterated aural expression, perhaps the perfect soundtrack to a hedonistic road-trip yet to be made. Mixing The Cramps and The B-52's and putting their own stamp on it", VIVE LE ROCK MAGAZINE. "They call themselves Rumble-Bop which in some way does explain the fantastic sound they have", GIDEON COE BBC 6 MUSIC. "Strong purveyors of vicious & exotic raw pop music", ROUGH TRADE.

With influences including Andre Williams, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Jake Thackray, The Cramps, and The Sonics, The Nurses is the rockin' psychobilly, with a dose of crooning, side project of kitchen favourite John E Vistic.

Wednesday 25th October; NO SHOW!

The Dead Brothers

Wednesday 1st November

The Dead Brothers (Switzerland) / Paul-Ronney Angel / DJ Scratchy Sounds

The Dead Brothers sound is bewildering, poisonous and intimate at the same time. String orchestra meets mountain folk music, punk rock meets Wagners' gothic and they invented a new style: Blackgrass, the dark side of Bluegrass. Fiddles, mandolines and cellos, a devlish slappin' double bass, a great pump pedal organ from the turn of last century, banjos, the sixties twangy Hopf guitar, hawaian lap-steel, a singing saw and other hobo suitcase percussion. Yes, that's the sound of the Dead Brothers!

Is it Jazz? Is it blues? Is it avantgarde folk? Or is it simply Rock'n'Roll? The answer is YES!

SUrban Voodoo Machine frontman Paul-Ronney brings his bourbon soaked gypsy blues bop'n'stroll back to the kitchen.

DJ Scratchy Sounds spins The Rock and The Roll of The World

Thin Wire Fence

Clockwork Carousel

Saturday 4th November

Thin Wire Fence / Clockwork Carousel

Praised for their unique, edgy sound, original song-writing and dark lyrics, Thin Wire Fence deliver raw, distorted guitar, grizzled vocals, swathes of haunting pedal steel and psychedelic synth, taking you from fragile beauty to a full tilt wall of sound in the blink of an eye. This south coast band's dark intensity lurks just below the surface, described by Americana UK as "five reprobates whose souls are lost, beyond redemption, but certainly worthy of your ears". Their distinct sound merges elements of Americana, fuzzed-out psychedelia and all-out rock, delivered through energetic and exciting live performances all adding up to make a Thin Wire Fence show pretty special. Expect echoes of My Morning Jacket, Yo La Tengo, Giant Sand, Eels, Son Volt, Neil Young and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Comprising of five seasoned musicians from the New Forest, Clockwork Carousel draw from the influence of classic Americana, but present their music with a stylistically British sensibility. Performing very much as a tight-knit collective of friends, the band have gained a reputation for the celebratory atmosphere of their live performances, and are currently working on material for a debut album.

Fargo Railroad Co.

Levi Cuss

Wednesday 8th November

Fargo Railroad Co. / Levi Cuss (Canada)

The Fargo Railroad Co. are a southern rock inspired 4 piece band from Sheffield. Established in 2013 they have already gathered a loyal fan base and continue to add to their numbers playing shows throughout the UK. What is clear is that these boys enjoy being on stage and love playing the music they are producing. They share a distinct and united love of music with a breadth of appreciation that is truly eclectic - all of this has come together to form their current sound, which has settled in the broad and deep ocean of Southern Rock. Looking at the mighty works of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band, '38 Special etc, doffing a cap to the sweet 70's sound of Cash, Young, Dylan whilst bringing in more contemporary vibes of Blackberry Smoke and Jason Isbell.

The raw honesty typical in Canadian Levi Cuss' roots/blues music speaks to a life of redemption; from troubles with the law, addiction, incredible sadness and loss, to love, strength and perseverance. After the release of his debut album, 'It's War' in 2013, he headed south to Nashville Tennessee to record his second album, 'Night Thief', which quickly garnered attention in the roots/blue scene. His personal influences are those who have overcome diversity, he sees deep beauty in human strength, grit, and determination. His musical influences include the likes of Jason Isbell, Townes Van Zant, and Steve Earle; the dark, honesty in his music reflects these influences.

Errol Linton Band

Wednesday 15th November

Errol Linton Band

Although countless thousands have walked past Errol as he busks in London's underground, blowing his harp through a small amplifier, Errol Linton remains largely unknown to most music fans. Linton is one of London's well hidden treasures. The Brixton harmonica blaster, singer and songwriter has made a living playing his highly original and distinctive blues & reggae-flavoured songs for two decades.

"I sing the Brixton blues, with an obvious Jamaican influence," says Linton. "My knowledge of Jamaica comes from stories told by my parents and friends. The food, the history, the politics have seemed to always been present in my life, as well as reggae and ska," adds Errol, "Of course, I used to play Big Youth, Bob Marley and The Staples Singers on the harp but when I first heard Sonny Boy Williamson, his playing just blew me away. Really, it is the harp which led me to the blues".

DON'T MISS...Errol's first time back in the kitchen for over 10 years!

The Fast Camels

Saturday 18th November

The Fast Camels/ Professor Baba

Glasgow's psychedelia popsters play an explosive blend of 60's influenced psychedelia, freakbeat and classic power-pop and have been turning heads on the live circuit in their native Glasgow since their formation in 2005. Imagine an intriguing mix of Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the Pretty Things psych-pop and small dollops of 'Forever Changes' period Love. If The Fast Camels were a beverage, they'd be a cup of coffee laced with hallucinogens. Their sound can hit you between the eyes and induce headbanging or take those same said eyes, lift them towards the lights, and set the brain behind them whirling with swirling, psychedelic melanges of vocals and instrumentation. New album 'Tales Of The Expected' is out now.

"Their songs remind me of Love in 1966..", JOHNNY ECHOLS (LOVE). "An authentic 60's sound with a bit of something 21st century in the mix", RESONANCE RADIO.

The Lords Of Thyme

Wednesday 22nd November

The Lords Of Thyme / John Stammers

No one can tell you what traditional English music is without tying themselves in handkerchief knots, but you know it when you hear it. The Lords Of Thyme are traditionally English in the same way that Pentangle or Fotheringay were traditionally English, but also in the same way that Julian Cope undoubtedly is. A hazy, blissed out, ancient and modern country of the strangest imaginations.

The Lords Of Thyme's latest release "a fried odyssey" called 'Pellets' is out now on Sunstone Records.

"A dreamlike sound that can only be described as traditionally English", SHINDIG MAGAZINE. "A sheer delight", R2 MAGAZINE.

Black Penny Remedy

Margo Cilker

Wednesday 29th November

Black Penny Remedy / Margo Cilker (USA)

Since being formed in 2006 by singer/songwriter Keith M Thomson, The Penny Black Remedy have been proudly defiant in the face of categorisation ñ focusing instead on utilising their shared love and passion for all forms of music from around the globe to create a wholly distinctive and unmistakable sound all of their own. The resulting symbiance of darkly comic, unpretentiously intelligent and catchy songs, and their exhilarating live shows, have been wowing audiences and promoters alike across both the UK and Europe, building a loyal following of dedicated fans as a result.

New album 'Maintaining Dignity In Awkward Situations' is out now.

"Dynamically primed arrangements blend music hall, folk, ska and Balkan influences in a swishly calibrated fashion", UNCUT. "Electic 4-piece with elements of punk, folk and ska...but underneath something dark lurks", VIVE LE ROCK MAGAZINE.

Margo Cilker is a young songwriter out to seek her fortune in the old-fashioned way. The last two years of travel and touring solo have led her to the Rocky Mountains, the Basque Country and always back home to California for a spell. Her sweet yet urgent voice will quickly lead the audience to hear what she's fixed on sharing.

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Sat 16th Dec; Big Joe Louis
SUNDAY 17th Dec; Michael Chapman (Ticket show!)
Wed 20th Dec; TBC
Sun 31st Dec; NYE! Little George Sueref

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