Past dishes 2016...

the listing

Michael J Sheehy &
The Hired Mourners

Witch Doktors

Black Angel Drifter

James And The Ultrasounds

Miraculous Mule

The Fuzillis and big cheese

Snakeoil Rattlers

Jim Jones

Ewan Macintyre

King Salami and the
Cumberland Three

Serious Sam Barrat

Stick In The Wheel

The Alan Tyler Show

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The Bermondsey Joyriders / Electrophonic Tonic
The Lucky Strikes / Arfur Doo & The Toerags
Stick In The Wheel / MarisaJack&Davy @ The Union Chapel
GD Sweeney & The Undercover Cowboys / Mandolin Jack
John E Vistic Rock'n'Roll SoundSystem / THe Snakerattlers /
Bridport Dagger
The Ugly Guys/ The Archway Mountain Lightin' Boys
Michael J Sheehy & The Hired Mourners / Williem Vincent /
Emma Tricca & Jason McNiff @ The Union Chapel
The WitchDoktors / Paul-Ronney Angel
Black Angel Drifter / The Roves
Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band / Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls
Paul McClure & The Local Heroes / Thom Ashworth
Henry Priestman / Loved Up Les
Steven James Adams / MG Boulter @ The Union Chapel N1
Luke Tuchscherer & The Penny Dreadfuls / Brother Tupelo
The Vaga Band / Whom By Fire
The Diamond Family Archive / thelightshines
Miranda Mulholland / Ninetree Stumblers
Steve White & The Protest Family / Sergeant Buzfuz /
Fishwife's Broadside
Reg Meuross / Dan Wilde
The Incredibly Strange Film Band
Otis Gibbs / Hope in High Water / Eb Stewart
Southern Tenant Folk Union / Paul Handyside @ The Union Chapel
WE SHALL OVERCOME Anti-Austerity Fundraiser with
Miraculous Mule/ Morton Valence / Steve White /
The Wimmins Institute
Miranda Lee Richards / The Most Ugly Child / thelightshines
The Fast Camels / Dark Globes
Thin Wire Fence / The Hog Renderers
Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers / Jesse Terry
The Blazing Zoos / The Verklempt Family
Hank Wangford Big Bass Combo / The Kitchen Drinkers /
Charmian Simmons @ The Union Chapel
The Fuzillis / Oh! Gunquit / Kiyoshi Nagata
The Snake Oil Rattlers / Jeremy Sachs
The Urban Pioneers / Andy Watts & the Blue Mountain Rockers
Speedbuggy USA / Simon Stanley Ward
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind / The Fuzillis / The Treetop
Flyers / The Bermonsey Joyriders / A Pony Named Olga / The Lucky
Strikes / Norton Money / Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee /
Paul-Ronney Angel
Stick In The Wheel / Davy Willis / Dan Davies
Coral Creek / Society
Morton Valence / Amelia White & Dan Webster
The Roamin' Jasmine / Jesse Terry
Los Chicos / King Salami & The Cumberland Three / Thee Jezebels
Marty O'Reilly / Andrew Duhon / Thomas & Theresa
Black Doldrums / Rauschenberg
Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band / Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls
James Leg / John E Vistic
Leeroy Stagger / Sam Beer / Dan Davies
Oh! Gunquit / Black Doldrums
Lost Hollow / Dan Raza
Don Gallardo & How Far West / The Rosellys
The Strange Blue Dreams
Norton Money / The Diamond Family Archive
Ewan Macintyre / Hope In High Water @ The Union Chapel
The Bikini Beach Band
Paul-Ronney Angel & Friends / Gary O’Dea
The Dog Roses / Simon Stanley Ward
Lords Of Thyme / Son Of Kirk @ The Union Chapel
The Sweat / The Franceens / The Shangrilads
The Green Rock River Band / Johnny Campbell
Serious Sam Barrett / Luke Whittemore
King Salami & The Cumberland Three /
John E Vistic Rock'n'Roll Soundsystem
The Delta Jacks / Hope In High Water / The Blazing Zoos
James & The Ultrasounds / Black Doldrums
Martin Newell & The Hose Pipe Band @ The Union Chapel
The Hanging Stars / Tomorrows Bacon
Morton Valance / Tom Blackwell
Legends of Country / Al Shields
The Bermondsey Joyriders / Black Doldrums
The Ragged Out String Band / Paul McClure
The Barker Band / Sam Beer / Dan Raza @ The Union Chapel
Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive / Newstargazers
The Alan Tyler Show
The Snake Oil Rattlers / Limozine
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry / The Twisty Turns
The Ugly Guys / Luke Tuchscherer
The Lucky Strikes / The Shangrilads / Onions
Jack Sharp/Marissa Straccia/Davy Willis /
MG Boulter & Samantha Whates
Stick In The Wheel / Nancy Wallace
The Fuzillis / Big Girls

Past dishes 2016...

... rockin' country fried music...